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14.4% YIELD.
Big Yield Hunters are itching to
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Dear Big Yield Hunter,

Canadian companies are where you’ll find some of the juiciest yields to pump up your cash flow.

Big Yield Hunting has zeroed in on another magnificent target... and it’s throwing off a solid, sustainable 14.4%-plus high yield.

That’s just the beginning. This pick is also poised for dividend growth... and 26.86% or more capital appreciation in 2012 and beyond.

Unfortunately, you’ll rarely find these safer, higher-yielding investments in America right now. You must go north of the border for your best chance to uncover these riches.

Hello. I’m Roger Conrad, income guru. My colleague, David Dittman, and I are always on the prowl for high-yielding beasts. And we’ve been on a roll ever since we launched our adventure. In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can lock in the double-digit yield of this Canadian gem... and how you can get this information nearly for FREE.

But first, let me entice you with a few tidbits to show why you will want this beauty pumping out sizeable dividend checks to you every month.

Management Reorg Unleashes
Strong Profit Potential.

This double-digit-yielder is a small company. You’ll never hear about it from Wall Street. Only one analyst covers it, so it won’t get much air time. This company’s core business in document management is, frankly, rather boring, so for the moment I won’t go into the details. But it sure has an exciting yield.

Instead, let me share with you the strategic moves this company has put into place over the last six months that practically guarantee its future growth.

There have been some strategic moves made relatively recently that I believe have set this Canadian gem on a rising path to profits.

Past management was way too conservative and by all accounts held the company back. But the company has nicely withstood a major management shakeup, welcoming a new CEO in October 2010... promoting high performers to senior management... and bringing in two outsiders for senior-level positions while sacking two other senior managers.

With new excitement, new vision and new direction, this company is poised to surge. Take a look at specific events...

Thanks to two new sales VPs, the company added 5 new “significant” clients while losing zero in early 2011.

That’s good news... and here’s some more. The strategic initiatives planned by senior management do NOT require a lot of capital outlay. Instead, they plan on redeploying existing human personnel and integrating new software systems.

Meanwhile they’ll pile up their cash and actively target companies for acquisitions... a solid and aggressive move aimed at growing their business.

Now this pick is definitely a bet on new management’s ability to reorient and move the company forward into the 21st century. It’s a nice way to lock in a nice double-digit yield with real potential for dividend growth and capital appreciation of 21% or more in 2012 and beyond.

Imagine... you invest $10,000. You take home $1,050 in dividends your first year. That’s for starters. But there’s a strong potential for dividend growth here—so that just means more income for you in the years ahead. Plus 21% capital appreciation.

Today, you can get this stock for under $6.00. I wouldn’t pay any higher for it. That way you have the chance to lock in a great yield at a great price.

That’s the mission of Big Yield Hunting—to bring you a great stock at a great price with a great yield. And I think that’s exactly what we’ve done with this big yield pick.

Now I know I haven’t told you a word about what this company does. Instead, I’d like to send you the report on this 14.4% big yielder with the potential for a whopping 21 gains in 2012 and beyond.

All you have to do is click here to get this report.

Big Yields to Rake in $500 a
Month or More in Dividends.

Readers of Big Yield Hunting have been generating hundreds of dollars in EXTRA CASH every month. In fact, when we launched last August, we made a big promise.

We promised that if you followed our picks month after month, you could easily generate $500 in EXTRA CASH each month with just a $5,000 investment in each pick. And we’re definitely on track to deliver.

Invest $25,000 and you’re pulling in $2,500 a month. Now that could certainly bolster your retirement savings, or if you’re in retirement, it can provide a nice cash stream to pay bills, go on vacation or simply defer Social Security to get the maximum payout or wait until you’re 70 ½ to start taking your IRA required minimum distributions.

Big Yield Hunting is a terrific tool to make retirement saving and living even easier for you. That’s because we’re suggesting incredible yields to help you build a never-ending, cash-pumping machine.

And the proof is in the picks.

Since we began in August, every single yield pick has been 10% or better... such as 11%- 12.6% and 13.84%.

What’s more, with our big yield picks you can expect some exciting capital gains. Like I said, I believe the big yield pick we’ve been discussing here will increase 21% in share price over the coming months. Just like our prior picks, where we’ve seen impressive gains of 24.95% in 4 months... 25.05% in 3 months... and 10.91% in 2 months.

If you were to count up just your dividends with all the double-digit, big yield picks in Big Yield Hunting, you’d have about $500 in dividend checks hitting your mailbox every month... if you had invested just $5,000 in each pick. In just 10 months.

If you click here right now, I’ll give you the poop on my 14.4% pick. You can get started right now to earn an EXTRA $500 in your pocket every month.

Remember, we have a new pick every month and the picks are nearly FREE, so you can quickly build up to $500 a month.

4.5 TIMES the Wealth-Building Power.

Earning money with dividends is the easiest way I know of to generate a generous and never-ending cash flow for yourself. It’s so important if you’re retired and not working to have this steady flow of dependable cash.

Or if you’re saving for retirement, dividend-paying stocks and other income investments simply outperform stocks that pay nothing. That’s not just my opinion.

That’s according to a recent study by Ned Davis Research. They compared dividend and non-dividend stocks from 1972 through 2007. They found that the average annual return of non-dividend stocks was a paltry 2.5%! That’s pathetic. That’s less than T-bills.

Dividend-paying stocks returned between 8.9% and 10.9% on average every year during that 35-year period. That’s up to 4.5 TIMES GREATER wealth-building power.

Now if I’m in retirement or close to it, I’d want my money working 4.5 times harder to build my wealth. Don’t you?

That’s why I’m writing to you today. I want to introduce you to Big Yield Hunting. It’s a fairly new service that brings you one stellar high-yield pick every month.

We aim for at least a hefty 10% yield on every stock—and so far we have NOT disappointed! Current big yield picks are right on the money... ranging from 10% to almost 14%.

And ALL of our picks have INCREASED in price 6%... 8%... 11%... 22%. So you’re getting a juicy double-digit, BIG yield... as well as impressive capital gains. Just like this one, with its promise of 21% capital gains in 2012 and beyond.

This money blowout party has been going on since August, and I want to invite you once again to join us.

Perhaps you’ve been hesitant—wanting to see if Big Yield Hunting was successful first. That’s totally understandable. Well, I think the return numbers I’ve just shared with you are proof positive Big Yield Hunting can make you richer—4.5 TIMES richer.

In addition to the generous stream of monthly cash, you’re going to love that the Big Yield Hunting portfolio is all about ‘buy-and-hold.’ You’ve been hearing so much about buying and selling stocks to pocket ‘big money.’ But it can be exhausting trying to keep up with your trades with this riskier, less profitable strategy.

That’s why you’ll enjoy piling up your money with the buy-it... hold-it... practically-forget-about-it portfolio. The only effort you’ll have to make with the Big Yield Hunting picks is to stroll down to the bank every month to deposit your hefty dividend checks that keep coming and coming and coming, no matter how the economy bounces.

It’s such peace of mind knowing you can depend on the steady, rich cash stream Big Yield Hunting provides for you through good times and bad.

YES, Really. The Big Yield Picks are Nearly FREE.

You’re probably wondering about now, why am I offering you big, high yields for practically nothing?

Two reasons, really.

The first one is: I love income investments and their big, fat, incredible dividends. It’s the next best thing I know of to an unexpected windfall from a long-lost dead great-uncle on your mother’s side... winning the lottery... hitting the jackpot... or beating the house in Vegas.

Dividends are FREE money. Companies pay YOU to own them. What could be better!?

And for 20 years, I’ve been following all kinds of income investments with some pretty hearty results.

For example, I’ve been the editor of Utility Forecaster since 1989. If you’d joined me then with a $100,000 investment, you could cash in today for about $1.5 million. On boring old utility stocks.

For two decades I’ve been out there hunting the big yields and bagging them for my readers. Right now I keep a close daily scrutiny on about 500 of these big yielders, watching and following their every move.

I know their daily habits intimately. I know their balance sheets, the core of their business, their cash and debt ratios. I look at the safety of their revenue stream. If they’ve missed even one dividend payment in the past 10 years, I discard them.

Only a handful of these high-yielding, dividend-paying investments make it into my current portfolios. But every month, I ALWAYS spot one or two that I wish I could add. Yet for some reason, these big ones are not ready for my more conservative Utility Forecaster, Personal Finance or Canadian Edge portfolios.

They’re a little more aggressive, but they sport double-digit yields with prices at historic lows, making them a great buy. Plus, they have a healthy track record of paying regular fat, juicy dividends with the promise of increasing dividends in the months ahead.

It’s what makes them perfect for Big Yield Hunting! So since I’m out there doing all the work, along with my co-editor, David Dittman, I wondered, why charge for it?

We’re not spending any additional hours writing up economic or forecasting trends. And frankly, you probably don’t want to pay for that kind of editorializing. You just want a fantastic high-yielding pick.

So instead of 8 pages of why the market’s doing what it’s doing and why the economy is revving up or slowing down, all you need to earn EXTRA CASH each month is a brief transcript of our conversation naming the pick, detailing why we like it, what risks the pick may encounter and the best possible price you should pay for it.

That’s all. Nothing fancy. That way you get the fantastic pick fast and free—and you decide what you want to do with the information.

My publisher does ask that you pay a minimal $5 email and handling charge to get your pick delivered directly to your inbox. While he really likes the idea of you getting a BIG DOUBLE-DIGIT yield pick for free, he does have to pay the tech guys.

Now that seems more than fair. Especially since you’re going to get in on this blockbuster high-yielder that’s pumping out an incredible 14.4% for your very first pick.

Here’s something for you to remember: You shouldn’t put every investing dime into Big Yield Hunting. That wouldn’t be wise. But if you want a little adventure in your investing... and to pump up your cash flow with a few aggressive yields... and to enjoy some potentially impressive capital gains, then I urge you to give Big Yield Hunting a try.

I also mentioned a second reason. And I admit this one is kind of selfish.

I’m simply hoping that after seeing my big yield picks add substantial CASH to your bank account, you might consider subscribing to one of our paid income investment services. But you don’t have to. There’s no obligation.

NOW is the Best Time to Join Big Yield Hunting.

10-year Treasury bonds are yielding a pathetic 2.5%... 1-year CDs are throwing off a measly 1.47%... even the S&P 500’s average yield on dividend-paying stocks is a stingy 2.56%. You can’t save much for retirement with those puny yields.

Never mind enjoying a comfortable and worry-free retirement for the rest of your life.

What you’re looking for is the big double-digit yields from strong, secure companies that have weathered good times and bad. You want companies with stable cash flow that can easily pay a steady—and oftentimes increasing—monthly, quarterly or semi-annual dividend.

And if you want to lock in some pretty amazing double-digit yields—11%, 12%, 14% or more—then now is the best time to discover the amazing picks in Big Yield Hunting.

That’s because you can find these big dividend yields you’ve been hunting for... at bargain-basement prices.

It’s no secret that the market has taken some big hits since the meltdown of 2008. Many good, strong companies have seen their share prices suffer a beat-down, even though their dividend payments remain steady. Some have even increased their dividend payouts.

That means you get to buy a great company at a slashed fire-sale price and enjoy a higher-than-average yield—more than 4.5 TIMES the current S&P 500 dividend yield and 10-year Treasury bonds.

Plus, with current conditions you have the opportunity to experience some impressive capital gains, too.

Let me show you...

Let’s say you buy a solid company with a proven track record of paying dividends. Recent annual dividends are $2.50. In 2008, the stock was selling for $27, so dividend yield was a respectable 9%.

But over the past two years, the price has been unfairly beaten down to $20 due to outside economic forces. Yet the company is still paying its $2.50 annual dividend. So now, you can buy the stock at a slashed 26% discount... and your yield is now locked in at a stunning 13%!

That means as the economy returns and the stock market rises, the share price on this solid company is going to rise, too. As a result, you can also plan on some hefty capital gains on that stock... and still earn the 13% dividend yield.

That’s exactly what will happen with this Big Yield Hunting pick. In addition to the stunning 14.4% dependable yield, you could also see the company’s share price skyrocket 26.86% in the coming months as it rebounds from the market’s unfair overreaction.

Big Yield Hunting offers you one of these blockbuster yields every month—solid companies with a strong dividend payout record but with a more aggressive yield. We love them, but they’re not quite right for our other portfolios.

Like the pick I’ve been telling you about: This solid growth company is throwing off an impressive yield of 14.4%. Prior picks are showing yields of 10%, 12%, 14% or more. You can scoop up at this winner at a bargain-basement price below $6.70.

Here’s What You Can Expect.

Every month, you’ll get a high double-digit yield with a steady dividend stream you can depend on.

You’ll get a “fly on the wall” transcript of David’s and my conversation on why we chose this winning pick. Don’t worry. It’s nothing technical. Then you decide if you want to add this big yield game to your portfolio.

Now as long as the yields are delivering big, fat monthly, quarterly or semi-annual dividend checks, we won’t be sending out a sell email anytime soon. But we may, if the capital appreciation is too rich to pass up and we have a higher-yielding pick you may want to consider. Again, it’s your choice.

But we’re always on the prowl for the best and biggest yields so your hard-earned money is hard at work to generate your richest cash flow possible.

Keeping Our Money Promise.
Pocket $500 a Month in EXTRA CASH
or More in Your First Year.

So if you’re ready to bag a little more aggressive yield, then we want to share with you this unique FREE opportunity to pump up your cash flow with a steady stream of dividends.
With our track record of hefty double-digit yields of 10%, 12%, 14% or more, you can quickly generate $500 in EXTRA CASH every month simply by investing $5,000 in each new pick. Invest $25,000 in each and you’re pocketing at least $2,500 every month.

At Big Yield Hunting, we’ve consistently done just that since we started this service. After 10 high-yield picks, we were already at $500 EXTRA CASH every month.

I make a new big yield pick every month. And I expect each and every new pick to yield 10%, 12%, 14% or more in the months ahead.

So even if you missed out on our past big yield picks, you could soon be picking up solid companies with a high dividend payout. In no time, your dividend checks could quickly reach $200, $300, $500 or more every month!

Plus, as the market improves, you’ll see impressive capital gains as well, like our prior big yield picks... 8%, 11% and 22%!

With Big Yield Hunting, you’ll find aggressive double-digit yields with monthly dividends so juicy you could quickly generate an extra $500 a month. Big Yield Hunters who have taken advantage of every recommendation over the past 10 months are already pulling in $500 a month in EXTRA CASH!

Now I just want to remind you: These yields are big and a little aggressive, but we’ll steer you clear of the riskier yields. Big Yield Hunting is a good, cheap way to round out your income portfolio and generate sizeable monthly cash.

So with yields so high and prices beaten down so low, now may be the best time to bag these big yields. Especially with the undervalued, beaten-down surprise I have on hand for you that’s trading below $6.70 a share.

Please don’t wait. Join us right now while you’re thinking about it.

Yours for Bigger, Better Yields,

Roger Conrad
Roger Conrad
Editor, Big Yield Hunting

P.S. You can grow your wealth 4.5 TIMES FASTER with dividend-paying stocks. And if you’re willing to take on a little more risk with Big Yield Hunting to get a big double-digit yield, you could be quickly earning an EXTRA $500 a MONTH in dividends. I’ve been telling you about a big yield pick that’s paying out a generous 14.4% yield. And if you hurry and buy in below $6.70, you could nail down 26.86% capital gains in 2012.